How is it Monday?

So... instead of going to the SFMOMA, ck and I went on a double date to an amazing drag show in a tiny little drag bar in SF. It was excellent, but the drinks were cheap and my goodness they were stronggg. We spent most of yesterday in bed being blobs - watching tv, doing homework, reading, etc. It was kind of nice to have a lazy day, but I still have so much to do! I have homework for my Spanish class, correcting for my students, and lots of planning to do!

Sadly, that means no crafting for a day or two. :(

Hopefully I'll have lots of time on Thursday and Friday, though. I'm in the mood to do some watercolors.

Hope your week is off to a better start than mine. :)



Super Secret Project

Sorry this didn't go up last night. I had a little bit of a meltdown...some combination of loneliness, homesickness, and hormones, and ended up falling asleep pretty early.

Anyway. This super secret project was born out of a frame that I destroyed (I accidentally broke the glass, rendering it kind of useless as a real frame) and a piece of sample fabric I fell in love with. I decided it would be a great opportunity to make a cute necklace organizer for the necklaces I wear all the time.

I backed the fabric with some cardboard, so that the pins would have somewhere to stick, and put the whole thing together with spray adhesive...because i'm super lazy. :) Anyway, it took all of 10 minutes, and I think it came out pretty well.

Today ck and I have a date - first the gym, then the sfmoma. Hopefully I'll be back tonight with picutres from the day.

<3<3 have a wonderful Saturday!


new creations!

Today is my last official day of school vacation, so I'm hoping to do a couple of time-intensive projects.

Last night ck felt like doing some carving, so I gave her a drawing to carve into a stamp, and it came out SO WELL!

So today I was inspired to try one of my own. Meet the coolest owl everrrr.

That's all for now. Super secret project post coming up later this evening (once I finish it), so get excited!



Crafty Day

Hello hello!

I had a wonderful day of crafting. I decided to try making some cute barrettes with materials I had, but hadn't put to use yet. I ended up making quite a few and doing a big shop update.

Here's a little preview...

They're all so bright, and they make me want spring to be here RIGHT NOW. Anyway, off to bed. Ck wants to have an early morning gym date, so I should try to get to sleep before midnight.



Happy Wednesday

Today is another beautiful day here. I have a semi-terrible headache, but I'm trying to stay positive. I don't have time for a big post, but I wanted to share some inspiration, and say that I had a lovely night talking to my mom on skype and doing watercolors while ck was out with friends. Hopefully I will have pictures to post later today or tomorrow.

Oh- one other thing. A fellow Etsy-an is featuring an undiscovered Etsy artists on her blog from now until Easter. Check it out!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


around the apartment

my treasures - porcelain bird, marble egg, tiny chair made out of a champagne topper.

bowl of ceramic eggs.

awesome light bulb terrarium that I made for ck. someday I'll get around to a base for it...

cute frame that ck got for Christmas and we spruced up with recycled items.

freaking adorable little bird that lives with the potted plants. this little man makes me so happy!

That is all for now. I will post more apartment pictures when I do before and after shots for painting the apartment.

Have a great day!

photo update!

Overdue, I know... but here it is!

here are some of my fabric finds from creative reuse. i love that place!

my valentine's day decorations!!! not much, but it brightened my weekend up.

close up on one of the roses.
i love roses. they aren't my favorite flower, but they are so timeless.

here is the adorable little crochet lightbulb man, soon to be available on my etsy shop.
i'm in love with him!

Finally, some custom cards I made for a wine-themed gift basket. I was so glad the woman ordering them liked the idea of using Latin on the cards. I gotta represent my Latin roots. :)

Later today I'll have more pictures of some cute things I've gotten for around the house.

Stay tuned!



weekend + valentine's day

Happy Monday. Sorry I've been m.i.a. lately. Ck and I did some serious spring cleaning this weekend. The weather was great, so we had all the windows open and spent the day scrubbing the apt. from top to bottom. It feels so good to know everything is clean. We also decided it was a good idea to do a thorough cleaning before we paint (!!!) so that things can be as tidy as possible for the process. I'm not sure when we're going to tackle painting... our landlord is supposed to get us the paint, so hopefully soon! I did a little bit of craft experimenting on Sunday morning. I tried out my new watercolors and did some doodling with my Stabilo pens. I also did a little bit of sewing, trying to make a pattern for a cute little stuffed bird. The bird came out kind of crazy looking, mainly because I had to use my seam-ripper like 10 times, so there was a lot of fraying, and re-stitiching. It was a good learning experience, though, and I'm excited to try again.

I officially got a commission on Etsy, which I'm really excited about. I'm doing a custom design for a woman who is putting together a wine-themed gift basket. I will post pictures (hopefully later today) when I finish the cards.

Ck and I had a lazy Valentine's day. We didn't do presents, but had intended to work on a craft together. We ended up making amazing nachos and watching Spinal Tap with a couple of friends. They left on the early side, and we somehow ended up reading old emails and conversations that ck has saved on her computer, including the first email I ever sent to her. It was fun to see how awkwardly in love we were, even before we realized it... <3 i love my ck.

Anyway, that was my weekend. School vacation is this week, so I'm hoping to get lots accomplished, with lots of posts!



busy busy

So, I didn't post last night. That had a lot to do with the fact that I went to bed at like...10 pm. I woke up early this morning for work; it was dark and rainy, and I thought it was going to be a grumpy day... but then it turned into a great day! :) I got to do some unexpected shopping at my favorite store ever and spent over an hour there. I found lots of really great supplies and things. I'm hoping to post some pictures of fabric, etc. later. Right now I'm going to tidy up before I meet ck for trivia in like an hour.

happy tuesday!



Sleepy Monday

Ck and I stayed up super late last night. It's not that we were doing anything fun, just neither of us were tired until well after 3 am. I slept in really late this morning, and now I only ha a couple of hours to prepare for my Spanish class tonight. I don't think I'll have much time for anything creative, but just in case, I want to share some inspiration pictures. :)

(all images found on we heart it)

I especially love that last picture. Vintage dresses make me melt! Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Hopefully I'll be back late tonight with another post.



First shop update!

I finally feel like I have enough inventory to make the first update to my shop. Ck and I are hanging out listening to new music. She's working on homework while I do Etsy stuff. Such a good Sunday night.

Anyway, check out the shop!



The Beginning

I'm really excited about opening up an Etsy store and blogging about my crafts and life in general. Hopefully I'll get to make a lot of cute things and connect with interesting people.