Okay, that was officially the most mentally draining week of my entire life. (probably not, but still!) I am still trying to find the balance between my teaching, taking over the extended day program at school, taking my Spanish class, babysitting, tutoring, and having a personal life. I really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with having many pieced-together jobs, but it can be a little bit overwhelming to keep organized in my brain. I think I'm going to have to get better about plugging everything in to my Google calendar, so I can look at my week all at once.

So, what have I been up to? Let me see... I learned how to play squash last week, which was really fun. Ck explained all the rules to me, and then I hit a few balls around with Robert. Ck and I have been trying to reserve a court to practice together, but the courts are really in demand, and we both have busy weeks coming up. Hopefully we'll find time on Tuesday or Wednesday. I've also been experimenting with goauche, which is kind of like watercolor, but the pigments are much more intense. I've been obsessed with painting owls. Maybe later this week I'll upload some of them on to my shop.

This weekend I had a lot of quality time with ck. We played scrabble, watched The Hurt Locker (which was good, but depressing), strolled along the Embarcadero in SF, spent time at the beautiful park surrounding Fort Mason, and went to the Pacific Orchid Expo. The orchid show sounds like a really old lady thing to do, but it was actually really cool. There were all of these beautiful displays with every variation of orchid you can imagine, and then there were tons and tons of orchids to buy. We got three baby orchids (they won't bloom for a couple of years) and one orchid that is currently in bloom (with lots more buds). I took about 200 photos, so I will definitely post pictures tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, that is all I have for now. I will definitely post later today with some inspiring pictures.


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  1. Oh, The Hurt Locker! I really want to see that, glad to know you liked it, even though it was sad!