yucky rainy day

today is pretty gross. it's cloudy and rainy and kind of cold. i am not a fan.

last night i got home from work, finished cleaning up the apartment for ck's dad (including the gross bottom of our fridge. ew.), and had like 20 minutes of down time to watch one of my favorite shows - modern family. it always makes me laugh, and it was nice to be able to watch it and just...calm down a little. when ck's dad arrived we gave him the grand tour (ha.) and went out for ethiopian food at this great place just down the street called Cafe Colucci.

now I'm taking care of random things at school. my schedule on fridays is very random. I teach early in the morning, then late in the afternoon, and then do after school. I've discovered that I get a lot more accomplished if I just sit at the desk in the office and make myself work than if I go home to work in between classes. I've already got all of my report cards done (the trimester closes today, and they aren't even due until monday night!), so now I'm going to read a chapter of a book that I'll be giving a mini-presentation about at our in-service day on monday. Yay for productivity!

I'm excited for the weekend. I feel like I need a bit of a break from the boys, and all the stress of the end of a grading period.

That's all for now. Maybe a fun picture post later, depending on how my reading goes.


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