lots and lots of photos to document the last month of my life.

Sorry these have taken me so long. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of little updates, rather than saving it all for when I have an hour or two to spare.

So... here is what I have been up to...

Painting the apartment with my ck.

Trying as hard as I can to keep my students engaged in Latin.

Enjoying knowing awesome 13 year old boys who can rock Shakespeare like this.

Spending lots of time at extended day doing camp-style projects.

Hanging out with my mom. It was SO great to have her here; I wish we could visit more often.

Enjoying BEAUTIFUL California

Embracing the fact that ck and I are old people, who enjoy things like orchid shows.

So pretty!

Being a giant goofball. And experimenting with new paints!

Playing scrabble with the babies. :)

Last week was my school vacation. I did absolutely nothing the whole week, which was amazing. Even though I love my job, it was hard to be excited to come back to school on Monday. Hopefully the boys will be focused and motivated for a couple more weeks before they get like... vacation-itis.

Anyway, thats all I have time for right now.

*love love love*

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